Besides being heavily involved in Phantom Flex 4k High Speed Camera Rentals. We also have the crew framework and resources in place to cater and support any regular Documentary, Commercial and Feature Film shoots, no production is Small Enough.

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t-eight has worked with Partners like AV8 Media and Objectifs to create a Syllabus for Basic Camera Handling Classes, as well as conducted HD Lighting Workshops for smaller groups that cover studio lights from basic 100w to 2.5kw HMI’s.


For schools to tie-up with lesson plans. Students are already captivated and engaged in the technology, so using the video as the medium can do nothing but benefit a student’s learning experience. Through our programs, students will be able to translate written ideas into visual works.


Where participants are interviewed on camera and are taught to identify proper body language, messaging, answer techniques, and sound bite creation. These techniques can be used for TV, Print, Radio, and New Media. Boost up your self-confidence!