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We Can Help Your Video Projects Stand Out More Using Super Slow Motion

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Our Other Video Production Services

Comprehensive Film Video Production Services in Asia

At T-Eight, we go beyond providing Slow motion video production services and Phantom Flex 4k Camera Rentals. We also offer a comprehensive film video production support, Cinematography services  for Commercials, Documentaries, Tv programs, Manufacturing Test videos to Corporate video productions.

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What Sets Us Apart

Film/video crew support in Singapore - t-eight

Film/Video Production Crew

T-Eight offers more than just equipment. We can put together and connect you with right group of experienced freelance film crew in Singapore for the shoot.

Film/Video production equipment in Singapore - t-eight

Film/Video Production Equipment 

No production is too small for us. If you need specific equipment, we can organise this and connect you in the right direction.

Media Training & Consultancy

Our programs are designed to boost self-confidence and equip individuals with the skills needed to shine in video production. Ready to enhance your production skills or explore our media training offerings? Contact us to discuss how we can support your goals.

AV8 Media

Specialised Programs

At T-Eight, we've partnered with industry leaders like AV8 Media and Objectifs to create specialised slow motion camera handling workshops.

Camera Handling Classes

Collaborating with partners, we've developed a syllabus for fundamental camera handling classes.

Video Camera Handling Classes - t-eight

HD Lighting Workshops

Our team conducts workshops covering studio lights, from basic Leds to larger HMIs.

Film/Video lighting - t-eight

Customized Learning

Media training by industry professionals for schools in Singapore - t-eight

School Programs

Tailor our services to school lesson plans. By using video as a medium, students can translate written ideas into captivating visual works.

Media Training

Media Training for Success

Interview Coaching

Our media training goes beyond technical skills. Participants are coached on-camera to identify proper body language, messaging, answer techniques, and sound bite creation.

Media Training for interviews - t-eight

Multi-Media Application

Techniques learned can be applied across various media platforms, including TV, Print and New Media.

Multimedia Application at Suntec City using 4k stock footages - t-eight

Our team is committed to ensuring that your next production runs smoothly and successfully. Let us know how we can help and support you to make your next project the best one yet. Contact us today!

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