Obsessed with the beauty and impact that high speed cinematography brings to the screen, t-eight has embarked on its promise to assist you in conceiving and planning slow-motion shots and come to your set or location with the right equipment needed.

With our top of the line offering, Phantom Flex4k Camera, which can shoot 

up 1,000fps in 4k, 
up to 2,000fps in 2K, 
up to 3,000fps in HD, 

and even higher fps at reduced resolutions.

The Phantom Flex4k is currently Hollywood’s preferred choice for its ease of use and flexibility. And currently is the only 4k high speed camera in the market capable of shooting at 1,000fps in 4k with total ease and quick turn around in-between takes, without the need for laptops being tethered to the camera for operation. We are here to offer the right solution and service at the right price to Slow Down Your World.


Here’s a quick video to showcase the difference between frame rates.